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ライト BM-511 Lightstick-kids ライトスティック・キッズ Lightstick - Bird Blue

ライト BM-511 Lightstick-kids ライトスティック・キッズ Lightstick - Bird Blue

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This kids' version of the Lightstick has the same features, technology and high quality as the regular Lightstick. The difference is that this one comes in two fun shapes. While a bit more playful, these products still offer the highest quality and safety. And, of course, they’re based on the same design principles as our regular line. Perhaps these stylish items will even evoke some envy among many of the grownups out there. With an elegant 360-degree glow, this tiny, rechargeable and waterproof Lightstick makes your kids more visible from afar. However, it’s not a replacement for other visibility products. Attach it securely on their jacket zipper, bag or a pocket.

  • Rechargeable
  • Fade-out function
  • Different modes
  • Waterproof
  • Size: 70x15x15 mm

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